If youre Would possibly maybe maybe maybe Time Race, How Would youre Keep a Planet?

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our hope youre want this pilot episode also enable us to perceive your favourite time disappear scenarios or video solutions inside a feedback.

It’s January 2050, youre’re inside New York City, also it’s abnormally sizzling. Smartly-liked locations like Tribeca are if reality become told underwater. Climate change is just not any longer a topic on a political agenda. Within a year 2050 it is miles a global emergency, bigger than any pure catastrophe, pandemic or war a arena has ever considered.
Nonetheless what if one time disappear abet to a year 2010 might change all a pieces?
Would possibly maybe maybe maybe youre pull it off? Will youre become killed?

It’s miles a space that has been on a global agenda for a few years also inside 2050 is just not any assorted. a world youre as soon as knew has entirely changed. Temperatures possess risen 1.5° Celsius. Areas like London are if reality become told as sizzling also dry as 2024 Barcelona. also locations like Barcelona are even more unbearably sizzling. a pickle is dire. Over a final 20 years, half of a arena’s species possess gone extinct also an additional 5 million of us possess died thanks to native climate change.

Look our presentations:
What If – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCphTF9wHwhCt-BzIq-s4V-g
tutorial Continue to exist – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOch_vMp7AKaiGE7e6kSHfg

Thank youre to Ontario Creates for making this project probably.


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