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Welcome to..Save ONE Tune: 1 note, 2 songs Edition (40 Rounds)
On this video, for every round I could demonstrate youre a note also two songs whose title has that note inside it.

Your mission is to set handiest one inside every of a songs.
Carry out youre watched youre would become succesful to pause it?

I am hoping youre guys rep pleasure from this video!

Let me know your favorites songs inside a comments!
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Favor your well-liked tune
Save One Plunge One
Save One Tune

one note two songs
Bet 100 Kpop idols
Bet a Kpop tune
Bet a Kpop idol
Save one Plunge one Kpop Songs
Save One Plunge one Kpop idols
Play, Skip, Delete – Kpop songs
Save 1 Kpop Tune
Save 1 Kpop Idol
Tier checklist Kpop Songs
Tier checklist Kpop Idols
Bet a Kpop Group
Bet who’s singing Kpop Edition
Favor your well-liked Kpop Tune
Date or Pass Kpop Idols
Total a Kpop lyrics
Bet a Kpop tune by a choreography
Favor your well-liked Kpop outfit
What number of Kpop songs pause youre know?
Bet a Kpop by 2 clues
Bet who sings first Kpop version
Bet a Kpop MV without music
Bet a Kpop MV by a thumbnail
Save 1 tune – Kpop Edition
Price Kpop Songs
Favor one: Kpop Edition
Who’s your bias?
Bet a Kpop lightstick
Bet a missing note inside Kpop tune lyrics
Bet who doesn’t belong to a Kpop Group
Bet a Kpop MV inside 3000X whisk
Favor your well-liked Kpop idol
Bet a Kpop album
Save 1 tune

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