Please Establish Pregnant Kitty ?? *I Build Secret Room inside Dresser*

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Hiya youre Imperfect Physician, don’t contact this cute kitty! ? Phew, I Saved it also its time for some cuddles! NO WAY! Is that this cutie pregnant? ? Now I wish to attract a secret room for my recent guests also it become future infants! My fabric cupboard looks enjoy a superior residence for that. But first, there is an emergency! Paper Pomni has a huuuuuuuge pimple on her, let’s cope with it first! Oh I enjoy paper surgical procedures, seriously will possess to it’s doubtless youre’ll doubtless place it into exhaust after it, enjoy assemble it a cute cat dwelling decor! I ponder what another crafts will she own for her recent cat? Beget watching our recent video to ogle a also assemble certain to subscribe to our channel to ogle extra fun movies enjoy this ?

0: 00 – Establish Kitty from Imperfect Physician
0: 15 – Kitty Is Pregnant
0: 39 – Paper Pomni Surgical procedure1: 24 – Foam Bathroom/Automobile Feeder DIY
1: 57 – DIY Cardboard Fridge2: 30 – Tights Pillow
3: 00 – Cat Swing Craft
3: 31 – Barbie Mattress Fish Tank
3: 56 – Cactus Scratcher
4: 50 – DIY Paw Necklace
5: 40 – Pipe Cleaner Scratcher
6: 21 – Doll Head Vase/Pepperoni Roses
7: 16 – Ceiling Decor
7: 54 – TV Litter Box
8: 55 – Cat Tests Out a New Home

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