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What’s your popular Aespa track? Lively, Higher Issues or Drama?

Place ONE of these 3 songs from 30 Kpop groups ✅
a alternatives for every round would possibly possibly possibly per chance possibly become a 3 most modern songs of a neighborhood

What’s your popular originate? Let know within a comments

Extra Kpop games this inside my channel @QUIZKPOPGAMES

whenever youre happen to loved this games, design no longer put out of your mind to proceed your like also comment your saved songs.

Bet 100 Kpop idols
Bet a Kpop track
Bet a Kpop idol
Place one Fall one Kpop Songs
Place One Fall one Kpop idols
Play, Skip, Delete – Kpop songs
Place 1 Kpop Song
Place 1 Kpop Idol
Tier listing Kpop Songs
Tier listing Kpop Idols
Bet a Kpop Community
Bet who’s singing Kpop Edition
Rob your popular Kpop Song
Date or Plod Kpop Idols
Complete a Kpop lyrics
Bet a Kpop track by a choreography
Seize your popular Kpop outfit
How lot Kpop songs attain youre know?
Bet a Kpop by 2 clues
Bet who sings first Kpop edition
Bet a Kpop MV with out track
Bet a Kpop MV by a thumbnail
Place 1 track – Kpop Edition
Rate Kpop Songs
Rob one: Kpop Edition
Who’s your bias?
Bet a Kpop lightstick
Bet a missing discover inside Kpop track lyrics
Bet who doesn’t belong to a Kpop Community
Bet a Kpop MV inside 3000X tempo
Seize your popular Kpop idol
Bet a Kpop album
Place 1 track

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