“Thriller of Narcissus: Looking out for to keep younger another folks from a treacherous husband”

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Narges is a extremely fantastic also fair lady who lives inside a small hut inside a mountains at a side of her two younger another folks. She is separated from her husband, who abandoned Nargis also her younger another folks inside a 2d of effort.

With perseverance also effort, Narges has been inside a region to carry out an very truly handy looking also soundless cottage for herself also her younger another folks inside a mountains. But, Nargis’ ex-husband is having a peek to come, hoping to repair a connection. But Narges rejected this provide.

Nargis’s husband, out of luminous greed, despatched his sister to take a younger another folks with him, but Nargis, with courage also strength, stopped this switch. Even when her husband also sister came to her dwelling also sought to eradicate a younger another folks, Nargis resisted with slither also fight.

Narges not only averted her ex-husband from giving orders by a arrival of a police, but also expressed her effort of his return.

This movie is a story of a combating also solid lady, who resists a hardships also continuous efforts to defend her family also soundless life till her final breath.

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